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Right Valve® manufactured direct replacement gas valve for Robertshaw® Unitrol 710 series low capacity gas heating valve. The gas valves from Right Valve® are direct replacements for Robertshaw® Unitrol 7000 low capacity(LC) models. Assistance offered by engineers and operators allows the gas valve to be upgraded for other various applications. It’s benefits include optional inlet/outlet size and being multi-positional enables use for many places with limited space such as patio heaters, gas logs, fireplaces, heaters, Fire Pits, fireplace log control, furnaces, commercial cooking, wall heaters, pool heaters, boilers, infrared heaters, fryers, commercial water heaters, recreational vehicles(RV) and other low-capacity applications. The control can be mounted in any position except upside down and all models have 3-position outlets. All models include an automatic pilot safety valve, pilot outlet, manual valve(gas cock), pilot gas filter, and a pilot adjusting key. All gas valve installations and conversions must be performed by a licensed professional.

Features and Benefits

• Low Capacity(LC) Compact Size
• Outlet Screen
• Pressure Taps for Checking Inlet and Outlet Gas Pressure(Optional)
• Convenient 1/4” and 3/16” Spade Connectors to Prevent Mis-Wiring
• Multi-Positional Mounting. Any Angle Between 0° and 90° From Upright Position
• Pilot Gas Filters
• Field Upgradable
• Pilot Capacity 2CFH

Important Millivolt Wiring Information

  • Major changes to the terminals on millivolt valves were made in 1996.
  • 1000 BTU/Cu. Ft. 0.64 Specific Gravity Natural Gas @ 1″ WC pressure drop.

NOTE: Regulated 710 series gas valves can be converted from natural to LP gas by using the replacement pressure regulators.

  • Use 1751-003 to convert to Natural Gas 3.5″ W.C.
  • Use EP1751-020 to convert to LP Gas 10“ W.C.

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Valve type See Ordering Chart
Temperature Range (Hydraulic models) 58° to 90°F
Pilot Outlet 1/4″ Tubing
Gas cock dial marking off-pilot-on
Maximum ambient temperature 175°F
Maximum capacity natural gas 70,000
Maximum capacity L.P. gas 112,000
Maximum inlet pressure 14″ W.C. (1/2 PSI)
Attribute Right Valve®
Alternate Part Name
Factory Model/Series EP970-M012
Inlet Size 3/8″
Pressure Regulator Setting None
Comments Off-Pilot-on Dial, Low Profile, Low Capacity, Millivolt
Application Patio Heaters, Gas Logs, Fireplaces, Heaters, Fire Pits, Fireplace Log Control, Furnaces, Fryers, Commercial Appliances
Capillary Length N/A
Description Manual Model, Millivolt, Low Profile, Low Capacity
Outlet Size 3/8″(3)
Reducer Bushing (NPT) None

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 4.8 × 2.2 × 4 in