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Right Valve® manufactured direct replacement gas valve for Robertshaw® Unitrol 710 series Dexen® 6003H low capacity, hydraulic-snap-action, gas heating valve. It’s benefits include optional inlet/outlet size and being multi-positional enables use for many places with limited space such as patio heaters, gas logs, fireplaces, heaters, Fire Pits, fireplace log control, Coleman furnaces, Empire Furnaces, Duo-Therm furnaces, commercial cooking, wall heaters, pool heaters, boilers, infrared heaters, fryers, commercial water heaters, recreational vehicles(RV) and other low-capacity applications. The control can be mounted in any position except upside down and all models have 3-position outlets. All models include an automatic pilot safety valve, pilot outlet, manual valve(gas cock), pilot gas filter, and a pilot adjusting key. This model includes an additional 18″ capillary. All gas valve installations and conversions must be performed by a licensed professional.

Features and Benefits

• Low Capacity(LC) Compact Size
• Outlet Screen
• Pressure Taps for Checking Inlet and Outlet Gas Pressure(Optional)
• Convenient 1/4” and 3/16” Spade Connectors to Prevent Mis-Wiring
• Multi-Positional Mounting. Any Angle Between 0° and 90° From Upright Position
• Pilot Gas Filters
• Field Upgradable
• Pilot Capacity 2CFH

Important Millivolt Wiring Information

  • Major changes to the terminals on millivolt valves were made in 1996.
  • For 12 VDC applications use 24 Volt models.
  • 1000 BTU/Cu. Ft. 0.64 Specific Gravity Natural Gas @ 1″ WC pressure drop.

NOTE: Regulated 710 series gas valves can be converted from natural to LP gas by using the replacement pressure regulators.

  • Use 1751-003 to convert to Natural Gas
  • Use 1751-013 to convert to LP Gas

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Attribute Right Valve®
Factory Model/Series EP970-H011
Inlet Size 3/8″
Pressure Regulator Setting 3.5″ W.C. Natural Gas
Capacity 70,000 Natural Gas or 112,000 LP Gas
Comments Off-Pilot-on Dial, Low Profile, Low Capacity
Application Wall Furnaces Replaces ITT/General Controls TV-27, Recreational Vehicles(RV), Campers, Patio Heaters, Gas Logs, Fireplaces, Heaters, Fire Pits, Fireplace Log Control, Furnaces, Fryers, Commercial Appliances
Capillary Length 18″
Temperature Range 58° to 90°F, 175°F Max Ambient
Description Hydraulic-Snap-Action, Manual Model, Low Profile, Low Capacity
Outlet Size 3/8″
Reducer Bushing (NPT)
Pilot 1/4″ Tubing Outlet
Maximum Inlet Pressure 14″ W.C. (1/2 PSI)

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 4.8 × 2.2 × 4 in