After Market Direct Replacement Gas Valves for
SIT 820 NOVA, Robertshaw Unitrol, Dexen, Honeywell, White-Rodgers

& Heatilator, Heat-N-Glo, Quadra-Fire, Hearth and Home Technologies, Majestic, Monessen, Vermont Castings Group, Lennox, Innovative Hearth Products, Regency, Fireplace Products International, FMI, Vantage Hearth, Comfort Flame, Williams Comfort Systems, RH Peterson Real Fyre, Golden Blount, Napoleon, Continental, Valor, Montigo, Pacific Energy, Town & Country, Maddox, Sherwood Industries Ltd, Enviro. Rasmussen, DESA, Empire Comfort Systems, Louisville Tin & Stove, Cozy, and Jotul.

About our Direct Replacement Gas Valves

CSA LogoRight Valve® is a gas valve manufacturer of direct replacements equivalent to brand name gas controls such as SIT, Maxitrol, Robertshaw, Dexen, Honeywell, and White-Rodgers but at a much more affordable price. We specialize in after market replacement parts. The control valves from Right Valve® are direct replacements for SIT, Maxitrol, Robertshaw Unitrol, Dexen: millivolt, manual, low profile, 3 volt, hydraulic, natural gas, lp gas, and low capacity gas valves. Series 710, 7000, 7000 MV, 7000 LC, 7000 LCMV, 7000 MLC, 7000 MVRLC, 7000 MVRB, 7000 MVRB-5-LC, 7000 MVRLC-LP, 7000 SLC, 7000 SRLC, and Dexen series 6003, 6003 S, 6003 K, 6003 KS, 6003-3V, 6003-3V K, 6003 H gas valves and SIT 820 Nova Millivolt. They can be used in almost any gas appliance such as fire places, fire pits, wall heaters, pool heaters, boilers, infrared heaters, burners, commercial cooking appliances, BBQ grills, fryers, Coleman furnaces, Duo-Therm Furnaces, Empire Furnaces, Williams Furnace Co, Hearth Heaters, and commercial water heaters, recreational vehicles(RV) and other low-capacity applications. Our gas valves are direct replacements for brand name fireplaces, gas logs, burners, and stoves. Which include gas logs, vent-free and vented from R.H. Peterson, Napoleon, Heat-N-Glo, White-Mountain Hearth, Hargrove, Rasmussen, Monessen, Vantage Hearth, and Empire. Fireplaces from Napoleon, Lennox, Heatilator, Quadra-Fire, Avalon, Heat-N-Glo, Empire, and Monessen. We also manufacture regulator cover plates, pressure regulators, and conversion kits equivalent to Robertshaw 1751-003, 1751-005, 1751-007, 1751-013, and 1751-020. When you purchase from us not only do you receive a more affordable gas valve at a fraction of the price but there is no sacrificing quality, our direct replacements function exactly as their counterparts. We guarantee our gas valves are as dependable and perform as well as gas valves sold by large distributors, suppliers, and wholesalers such as Grainger, Woodmans Parts Plus, Pex Supply, Hvac Parts Outlet, Shop Chimney, Global Industrial, Drillspot, General Supplies, Controls Central, Mecserflex, American HvacParts, Johnson Supply, Vermolen, Hvacpw, All Parts Inc, Reliable Parts, Johnstone Supply, and gas valves from Ebay and Amazon at a significantly lower price. You will not find gas control valves at this price from any other distributor, supplier, or wholesaler and since we are the manufacturer you can be confident you are getting the absolute best price for your money. To check if we provide replacements equivalent to SIT, Maxitrol, Robertshaw, or Dexen millivolt, manual, low profile, 3volt, hydraulic, natural gas, lp gas, or low capacity gas valves refer to cross references on their websites. Once you purchase from Right Valve® you will realize you can purchase the exact same quality and dependable gas valve at a much more affordable price. ALL OUR GAS VALVES ARE CSA CERTIFIED.

Right Valve guarantees that our valve dimensions will enable the existing gas pipe plumbing to fit our gas valve just like the original gas valve, making replacement easy and cost free. Why pay more for gas valves that are identical in quality and performance. We are also constantly adding more gas valves to our website so if there is any specific series/model that you require but cannot find it on our website send us a message through our contact form and we will get back to you promptly.

All gas valve installations and conversions must be performed by a licensed technician, plumber, gas fitter, or specialist to insure that the replacement gas valve is installed correctly and that there are no safety concerns. An experienced gas fitter knows the proper methods for gas valve installation and for testing whether or not the newly-installed control is leaking or not. Having someone who is a licensed and trained professional will ensure everyone’s safety and well-being, trained professionals have a knowledge base on how to install the gas valve, gas valve wiring, gas valve pilot adjustment, gas valve safety precautions, gas valve troubleshooting, gas valve cross reference, and whether or not you need additional gas valve parts such as a pressure regular or conversion kit. ALWAYS have a licensed gas fitter perform any installations, conversions, or repairs NEVER attempt to install, convert, repair, or modify the gas valve on your own.

INFO FOR LICENSED GAS FITTERS: All our gas valves are multi-positional with mounting angles 0° to 90° standing in the upright position, outlet positions and sizes can be straight-thru or at 90° angles. Our furnace gas valves contain two valves. The first valve when open supplies gas to the furnace pilot light. If the pilot light flames goes out, a thermocouple heat sensor will sense the flame is missing and stop delivering electricity to the valve, then closes so gas doesn’t leak. The second valve allows gas to reach the furnace burners that heat the air in your home. It opens when the home’s thermostat senses the house is too cold, providing any other safety devices in the furnace also allow the valve to open. To tell if the gas valve is on or off and working, see if the pilot light is burning. If not, it’s possible the thermocouple has worn out and cannot provide the electricity needed to open the first gas valve.

If the pilot is lit, then test if the correct voltage is present at the electrical connections that activate the second gas valve. If a voltmeter across the electrical connections shows the correct voltage is present (typically 24 volts) then replacing the gas valve is a likely solution. If the voltage is not present, then suspect the home’s thermostat or another safety device in the furnace. Currently we manufacturer and supply gas valve equivalents for Robertshaw Unitrol and Dexen, millivolt, manual, low profile, 3volt, hydraulic, natural gas, lp gas, and low capacity gas valves. Robertshaw Series 710, 7000, 7000 MV, 7000 LC, 7000 LCMV, 7000 MLC, 7000 MVRLC, 7000 MVRB, 7000 MVRB-5-LC, 7000 MVRLC-LP, 7000 SLC, 7000 SRLC, and Dexen series 6003, 6003 S, 6003 K, 6003 KS, 6003-3V, 6003-3V K, 6003 H.